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About Us

Gussi brings you a salon-quality, formaldehyde-free keratin treatment and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

A Little Something About Us…

Gussi is a hair care company with gutsy standards and conscientious products that make us proud. We exist to make fabulous, frizz-free hair days achievable for every texture, type, budget, and lifestyle. All hair is welcome.

How Did We Get Here?

As an executive team of haircare professionals, each with an average of 30 years experience in the business, we’ve seen a lot. We’ve watched the smoothing category very closely over the years and come to the conclusion that with a bit of ambition and innovation we could bring keratin outside the salon and into people’s homes. So we tapped into our network of best-in-class industry experts and got to work. We scrubbed, we lathered, we rinsed and repeated. Then we went out into the world and tested our product over 20,000 times on a wide variety of hair types, and looking at the results we knew we had something special. We created a one-of-a-kind at-home, salon-quality keratin treatment that can be applied by anyone in the comfort of their own bathroom, resulting in 6 weeks of smooth, shiny, healthy hair that can be styled a multitude of ways.

Once we knew we had the magic formula, we worked with the most trusted and credible laboratories in the haircare industry to manufacture Gussi for direct-to-consumer delivery.

What It Means to #GussiUp

The values Gussi was founded on remain our guiding principles:


At Gussi, we believe that high-end keratin treatments offering spectacular, salon-quality results shouldn't just be the domain of the rich and famous. We exist to bring smooth, luxurious, manageable hair to all who want it with our system of products designed for easy-does-it, at-home convenience at accessible price points.


Gussi embraces beauty in all its countless forms. Aspiring to a single, cookie-cutter look? No, thank you! We’re fans of hair of all types, lengths, colors, and styles. And we believe it's not our job to transform everyone into the same boring clone, but instead to help each person achieve the best version of herself, himself, or themself, whatever they believe that to be. Do our products turn everyone's hair into a sleek, straight bob? Goodness, no! We help tame frizz and deliver smoothness, and then leave the rest up to our customers to style how they like and go back out into the world as their own fiercest, baddest selves.

Commitment, Never Compromise

We founded this company based on our belief in the radical notion that effective hair smoothing shouldn't require exposure to nasty chemicals like formaldehyde. We knew there had to be a better way, so we leveraged our decades of experience in the professional haircare industry to develop a line of products that delivers fantastic results without compromising on the health and safety of our customers. We remain committed to these ideals, and to our customers—all Gussi products will always be developed with their safety in mind, delivering on our equal commitments to great hair and great health.


We know you have a busy life—from work and friends to kids and world domination, your plate runneth over! The last thing you have time for is hours at a salon at the mercy of your stylist's availability. With Gussi, we're giving you back a bit of control over your schedule, your look, and—dare we say it?—your life. Not to mention the confidence to walk out into the world knowing that no matter what's in front of you, you've got this. And the best part is, we'll leave you with hair that's so simple to style beautifully that you'll get hours of styling time back every month. Maybe you'll even have enough free time to pick up a new hobby…


We believe that if you make it a priority to show up for yourself, you’ll show up better for others. Sometimes that means taking an extra 30 minutes for a mind-cleansing run, committing to a daily meditation practice, or even shutting the bathroom door and dedicating an afternoon to some much-needed beauty rituals like a face mask, a mani/pedi, and yes, an at-home keratin smoothing treatment with a glass of wine on the side, thank-you-very-much. Because if you don’t take time to invest in yourself - even in small and sometimes seemingly superficial ways - you won’t be in the best place to be there for all the others who count on you.